Senate Approves Identity Theft Bills

from the the-government-actually-looking-out-for-our-rights? dept

Could it be that the Senate has actually passed some bills that support consumer’s rights? Am I missing something? I’m so used to reading about bills that trample on users’ rights in favor of corporation rights that I’m skeptical of bills that claim otherwise. The latest set includes a law on ID theft to make it much easier for a victim to combat the problem – by requiring companies to provide the proper information quickly and making credit agencies block all the ID theft info from credit reports. The second bill is a Social Security number protection bill that forbids the display, sale or purchase of Social Security numbers.

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Comments on “Senate Approves Identity Theft Bills”

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name nothave says:

No Subject Given

I see where you’re confused. The bill sounds like it’s looking after consumers but it does a lot more for corporations. Consumers are responsible for up to $50 (may vary by state) for credit cards that are stolen and used illegally. The banks are left to suck up the rest. I don’t think Senator Scruples is determined to save either of us $50 because he cares. He’s doing it to look like he’s fighting for the little guy while actually looking to protect and serve the big guy. Nothing new… except for the “up with people” feel.

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