Privacy Nuts Spend More

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This one is particularly interesting when put together with the “I Love Spam” post beneath it. A new study has shown that so-called “privacy nuts” tend to spend more money online and also are much more receptive to opt-in advertisements (called “permission emails” in the article). Of course, these opt-in ads really have to be opt-in, and even then recipients say they find many of them not particularly relevant, and delete plenty of them without ever looking at them. However, if you can offer relevant content to people who asked for it – they’re much more likely to spend money with you. You know what? That sounds really obvious… because it is really obvious. Yet, we still have morons out there (like the guy below) who thinks that widespread spamming makes more sense. Update: Cyberatlas has more info on the study.

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Comments on “Privacy Nuts Spend More”

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Lee says:

That fits me.

I am probably one of the biggest spam haters (and fighters) in my circle of geeks. However, I am buying a lot of stuff on line, not just computer stuff, but non-technical books, music CD’s, videos, occasionally gourmet foods and other stuff. Hell, I wouldn’t even go to my local mall if they didn’t have an Apple Store. For most groceries and clothing I shop at neaerby brick an morter place.

Commercial email. I have opted-in to get email from software and hardware business, computer/internet news, word-of -the-day, vintage VW van and other source. However, every one of those sources respect my privacy and don’t share my email address with their “associates”, I have a trap email address that I use when I first sign up then switch to my real address.

Privacy nut? I filter my email through spamcop, I have privacy manager on my telephone, but I am card carrying naturist (nudist), go figure.

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