Good Guys Do Use Macs

from the it's-a-conspiracy dept

Back in February we posted a silly story about how on the TV show 24 all of the “good” people used Macs and all of the “bad” people used Dells. In that story, they pointed out that one of the main characters had just switched from using a Mac to a Dell, and so obviously, they had turned bad. However, since then, that person had been undeliably on the “good” side of things. I saw the latest show earlier this week, when the surprise “twist” was (of course) that that person was really bad. Now the guy with way too much free time on his hands who had figured this out, and was ridiculed for it (by fans and people at Fox alike), feels vindicated. I wonder if we’ll start seeing other such “negative” product placement deals showing up in TV and movies. I can’t wait for the first lawsuit from a pissed off company.

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