People Still Going To The Movies

from the oh-really? dept

Wired News actually felt the need to publish a story explaining that people are still going to the movies even though movies are available to download online. This, of course, should be surprising to no one (except perhaps Jack Valenti), who understand the different experiences of watching a downloaded movie versus watching one in the theater. Of course, things like this won’t stop the movie industry from doing everything in their power to turn movie downloaders into criminals (actually, it appears they’d like to turn us all into criminals simply because the means to download moviese are out there).

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Comments on “People Still Going To The Movies”

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Lee says:

It is a social event

Going to the movies is a social event. Getting movies off of the web is not going to change people’s need socialize.

My friends and I meet at a theater, watch the movie, maybe go to a cafe or coffee shop afterwards, then we go our separate ways. Sure my friends and I could download a movie from a web site, or rent one from a legitimate source, and watch it in one of our homes, but going to the theater gets us out of the home/work.

Getting out is important to our health. Geeky as some of us are, in the theater we turn off the pagers, the cell phones, we get away from things could interupt an evening at home.

TheCaptain says:

I'm just remembering...

the article in which the panic stricken MPAA says that Star Wars Episode 2 has already been downloaded a million times….and then point to that as evidence that the entertainment industry will be driven out of business.

Do you REALLY think that most of those million downloaders WON’T go see the movie? (Hell, I’m betting most will go on opening night.).

It makes me cry to believe that ANYONE out there would be dumb enough to believe these guys.

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