UK Casino Just Wants To Pay US Taxes

from the tax-us,-please! dept

A UK based online betting establishment wants to pay US taxes. They think that will help to legitimize them. Thus, they’ve hired lobbyists to convince the US government to tax them. It’s generally an odd strategy to try to get a foreign government to take a lot of your money, but I guess if you view it as a marketing expense…

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Comments on “UK Casino Just Wants To Pay US Taxes”

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1 Comment
Clouser says:

Online Gambling

I met this guy at a gaming convention in Las Vegas. He is pretty interesting, and I think this strategy is hiliarious. Online sports booking is a huge business though. There are offshore establishments that clear $200 million a year in cash flow. This is not peanuts. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em. Sports booking, at least, should be legalized in the US.

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