RIAA And Jupiter Analyst Fight It Out

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A few weeks back we posted a link to a story about a study done by Jupiter showing that, overall, people who download music tend to buy more music as well. Now, the RIAA has struck back and has explained why the Jupiter report is wrong and then presented their own study with different conclusions. The one criticism they have that might be legitimate is that the Jupiter study didn’t look at teenagers. The Jupiter analyst responded pretty well to the RIAA statements, saying that most CD buying comes from adults anyways – so teens downloading music are less likely to impact music sales. He also points out (correctly, I believe) that the RIAA’s sponsored research is likely to be biased. From there the article dwindles into something of a schoolyard fight, where the two sides go back and forth making fun of each other. The RIAA says that the analyst is taking it too personally, and that he “protests too much”. The analyst, in turn, replies that it’s really the RIAA that’s protesting too much. The article stops before either side can start insulting each other’s mothers, or adding such intelligent exclamations as “Nyah, nyah, nyah!”, but I imagine that’s the next logical step.

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