Treo Upgrade Program

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When Handspring announced the Treo, I thought it was the perfect device. I was sure I wanted to get one. But by the time it finally shipped I lost my enthusiasm and decided I could wait to see what else would come out. I’m probably not the only one on the fence. In a move to boost Treo sales, Handspring is offering existing PDA users a $100 trade-up rebate. I’m guessing this move is motivated by Treo sales falling short due the the device’s high price, poor talk time and lack of GPRS support at launch.

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Comments on “Treo Upgrade Program”

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1 Comment
r roberts says:

No Subject Given

interesting- I’m sitting on the fence too for the same reasons. Seems their first release fell short of a few things they promised, and they kinda hacked it together.
Its cool that you don’t need to send them your old device, just provide the serial #- but its lame they’re only giving you $100 off when amazon had $150 off just a couple weeks ago.

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