Remote Controlled Rats

from the mrs.-frisbee-and-the-rats-of-NIMH dept

By implanting electrical probes into the brains of rats, scientists have discovered a way to turn the rats into remote controlled “roborats”. The signals trigger the left and right regions of the brain, along with the “pleasure zone” — which rewards desired behaviours. I suppose some ethical questions can be raised here, but I wonder if it’s really less ethical than bridling up a horse or housebreaking a dog.

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Comments on “Remote Controlled Rats”

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msykes says:


Okay, I rarely watch “The Practice”, but I am reminded of a recent episode where one of the lawyers was up for some kind of award, and ended up killing a rat (mouse?) just before the award ceremony, had to enter some kind of big coverup operation because it would be bad PR…

I’m sure there are some people who will get all bent out of shape on this, but come on, we have tapped directly into their PLEASURE centers! These have got to be the happiest rats ever!

Side note: You know those “Good cheese comes from happy cows, happy cows come from California” commericals? Some group is pissed off because they are misleading commercials, and that maybe California cows aren’t that happy after all. Of course they aren’t complaining that talking cows are misleading…


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