IBM Working on Self Healing Computers

from the open-the-pod-bay-doors-hal dept

IBM announced that it’s entering into the “second phase” of its holistic computing project, eLiza. They intend to create computers that can address minor problems themselves, without requiring human intervention, and now they’ve released software to help manage clusters of servers. As high density blade server clusters become more and more popular, managing them is becoming more and more of a nightmare — so any help is definitely welcome. Just how far off are we from Hal, Data, or (my favorite) that evil computer in Superman III.

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Comments on “IBM Working on Self Healing Computers”

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Biji says:

Re: Need some details

Hello Sir,
I am doing MCA. I wanted to give a presentation in my college on “Self-Healing Computers”. Kindly, send me some details regarding it. I will be thankfull to you if you can help me in this regard. Looking
forward for your favourable communication.

With Best Regards,

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