Semel's Steady Hand

from the slow-but-steadily-spamming-everyone dept

The San Jose Mercury News has a review of Terry Semel’s first year as Yahoo’s CEO. Overall, the reviews are mixed, and most people seem to still be withholding their final opinion. Many were surprised that Semel’s changes have been more slow and steady than rapid and flashy (generally, I think slow and steaedy is a better method than the new CEO who starts making major changes for the sake of showing who’s the new boss). However, they also point out that many people are angry about Yahoo’s decision to opt everyone in to receive spam. Apparently, at the recent shareholder’s meeting, someone told Semel that the spam move had lost that shareholder’s trust in the company. The article doesn’t say how Semel responded. While I understand Yahoo’s attempt to make money, it’s really sad that they seem to have completed ignored consumers’ anger over that spam decision. I’ve heard from multiple people who work at Yahoo that the people associated with that program still don’t see why Yahoo users think it’s a big deal. Update: also has a one year review of Semel where they mention that people are referring to the company now as Yahoo 2.0.

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