Play Video Games All Summer (And Get Paid)

from the maybe-we-should-quit-our-full-time-jobs dept

When I was in high school I knew someone who’s after school and summer job was testing video games. He basically spent all of his free time (like many of us) playing video games – but he got the latest and greatest and he got paid good money for it. Now Nintendo is looking for 50 people (aged 18 and older) to play video games all summer. They will get to travel around and demonstrate various new games. There are probably a number of laid off dot commers who are in desperate need of jobs who have only been sitting at home playing video games already…

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Comments on “Play Video Games All Summer (And Get Paid)”

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Josette says:

Re: Re: Re: RE:Play Video Games All Summer (And Get Pa

email me more infotmation about doing this becaue I will love to do this for fun. This is what i need right know. My name is Josette Salomon I,m twenty- five year old. Live in Miami Florida. Right now I go to school at Miami Dade College, I do not know what iI will like to do right now.

Chris Harkness says:

Re: RE:Play Video Games All Summer (And Get Paid)

I too would like more information on this job. Play Video Games all summer and fall (and get paid) Is it possible to mail me the software? This is good, I`m currently out work. As soon I get resonce the fast you get your question of your survey fill out. Please Send all the information and survies 508-821-6010

Casey Russell says:

The summer job

Hello, my name is Casey Russell, I’am 16 years old and i was listening to the radio and I heard about the job of testing videogames and geting paid for it. My friend has been doing the same thing with Playstation for the past year. Although I’am not 18 years old, i would be interested in doing the job.

Charise Watkins says:

can the better youths play

my son is 10yrs old and i consider him a game attic, every new game i buy and bring into the house he masters it he can beat all his brothers and also his father to, so i want to give him a chance to put his talents to good use since he likes to put his all into games, he may be a master mind for games so please will you consider him and others even though he’s not 18. thank you much.

Eric Seimears says:

I would like to get my foot in the door

I am a 28 year old male all I do is play video games either on my pc or ps2. I would like to get my foot in the door an begine to test games also. I love to learn new things an i think i am a qwick learner i have some collage an my cousin is a computer programer for the army he helped me build my computer so I do understand a few things about the pc. Any thing u can do to help me i would enjoy thanks.

Sheena says:

Oh please....!!!!!

Tell me this is not another one of those “You have to pay to get paid, but really you pay and don’t get paid” scams. I have searched for something on this subject that doesn’t require me going broke in the end….. Please PLEASE PLEASE I beg of you to send me some info on this “Get paid to game stuff!!!” I love playing vidoe games and most of them I can beat in a 24hr period… If I can get paid to do that it would be GREAT!!!! Thanks A million…..

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