Deep Linking Again

from the please.--make-it-stop dept

We already pointed out that the deep linking question has returned lately – but I was just hoping it was a European thing, and that folks in the US had realized that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with deep linking. Instead, here’s a story about a newspaper in Dallas that has told another site to stop deep linking to their articles. This is still ridiculous. If they don’t want people linking to them they should get off the web. This guy is sending them more traffic. Even if they don’t like what he’s saying, it’s stupid to tell people they’re infringing on copyright by linking to them. Also, what I really don’t understand about any of these cases is why they don’t just use a technology solution. It’s easy enough to block all links from a certain location if they’re so stupid to want to turn away traffic.

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Comments on “Deep Linking Again”

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2Lazy2Register says:


If it’s copyright they’re so worried about, why don’t they just put copyright info on each page?? I suspect it’s more related to a perceived loss of banner ad income, which is probably measured by hits to the top page. Have you ever noticed how many ads there are in a paper newspaper? It’s something like 80 – 90%!

sb says:

Re: Re: agreeement

perhaps they want ALL USERS of their site to go thru a certain path. They want control of this. The banner ads are an example of this.

also, perhaps they dont have programming staff on hand who can make the changes to their site. perhaps they have cheap lawyers , and they feel this is a more inexpensive route

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