Copy Protect Eminem

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Universal is talking about releasing the new Eminem CD with copy protection worldwide. This would be the largest copy protection release so far, and the results could definitely impact future decisions concerning copy protection. As we’ve said in the past, we think it’s incredibly short sighted of music labels to do this – as they’re removing legitimate uses of their music from the market, preventing an incredibly efficient distribution mechanism (which brings in more fans) from operating, and (worst of all) angering their very customers. Yet, the music industry continues to blindly believe that music sharing is bad. I hope that many many people return these CDs to Universal.

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Comments on “Copy Protect Eminem”

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Steigel says:

Make My Day

The article looks like it was copied wholesale from a press release. Celine Dion’s CD had “copy protection”, but it wasn’t “copy-proof”. It just wouldn’t play on a computer. There were MP3s all over the internet, and there will be even more Eminem MP3s available when the album is released. It may stop people from using CD Copier, but it won’t stop people from downloading and burning the entire CD.

Ltlw0lf says:

Just goes to show...

Just goes to show that the labels have no interest in putting copy protection on any CD which people actually listen to. Putting copy protection on music which only a very small portion of the world listens to only helps the recording industry (notice the usage of the word “recording” and not “music”, as the recording industry has no relationship to the music industry other than using it as a legitimate ponzi scheme to line their pockets while ripping off the musicians and their customers.) It softens the blow that will come when they start adding this crap to popular music.

Nacho says:

When will they learn...

With or without copy protection, the music on those cds will surface on the net. You don’t have to play the cd in your computer. All it takes is a little workaround… play it from your stereo/cd player and loop the output to a digital audio card in your computer. Simple. I, for one, don’t care either way about the issues regarding MP3s. It’s technology that’s leading the way to the future. Sony’s implementing a copy protection scheme and at the same time releasing/selling a personal MP3 player? Give me f#$%*n break!!!

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