Scams, Scams, And More Scams

from the invest-with-me dept

It still amazes me that there are enough people out there who fall for these scams that it even makes it worth while to go after these folks. However, with the numbers being thrown around in these cases, apparently there are tons and tons of gullible suckers these days. First we find out that the kid who was fraudulently getting random people to give him money for a casino investment scam was also running a stock pump and dump scam. He must have been laughing all the way to the bank as investigators made him return most (but not all!) of the money he made in the first scam, as he raked in money from the second scam. Anyway, also today, investigators say they’ve found the top of a $58 million ponzi online investment scam. $58 million. Damn, people are greedy.

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