But What About The Rest Of Us?

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I read a couple of stories yesterday about upset non-student Mac fans trying to figure out just how to get their hands on an eMac. This Wired article looks at some of the responses from fans desperate to get their hands on one. They say that the student hurdle isn’t very clearly explained – and it’s unclear if someone who’s just taking a random class (I’ve always wanted to take underwater basket weaving) qualifies as a “student”. A lot of people think this is just a way that Apple can deal with demand issues when launching this product – and will eventually will sell it to anyone.

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Comments on “But What About The Rest Of Us?”

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1 Comment
msykes says:


Well, you could always just walk into the Stanford Bookstore and buy one. A friend of mine, who I will not name for fear of prosecution 🙂 walked in, bought a Powerbook G4 at the educational price, and walked out, with absolutely no verification of his supposed student status.

I bet this is the same at all sorts of campus computer stores.


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