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Henrik Nilsen Omma writes “A compilation of high quality open source software (OSS) will be made available as a CD distribution in order to help promote OSS to users of Windows and MacOS. Since the vast majority of desktop PCs still run proprietary operating systems, it seems natural to provide quality OSS that runs on these systems when trying to promote open source. While most users of Linux and BSD swear by the technical superiority of their OS, they also admit to having considerable difficulties in ‘converting’ their less technically inclined friends. For most computer users, the hurdles are just too high, and when the OS is bundled with the machine, the cost is hidden and the price comparison argument weakened. This cost argument is much more clear on quality applications, however, since stocking the machine with proprietary software can easily cost as much as the hardware itself. This creates an opening for OSS applications like Abiword, Gimp, and OpenOffice, which are now reaching the level of maturity in terms of features and stability that makes them suitable for the professional and novice desktops alike. TheOpenCD project will be a community effort, relying on input and development efforts to produce a high quality, easy to install compilation. In return, the wider community will get a freely distributable compilation that can be used as a powerful tool in promoting OSS. The single CD ISO images for Windows and MacOS will be distributed in much the same way as ISO images for various Linux distributions. We are therefore relying for the cooperation of a large number of global mirror sites. Although we have no plans for a physical distribution, others may choose to produce CDs for free distribution or for a fee. The CDs will contain only free software and free documentation, so there will be no limitations on duplication and distribution of the CDs.”

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