New Privacy Protection Bill Actually The Opposite

from the doublespeak dept

Last week we were very surprised to see Senator Hollings (currently known for introducing the horribly dangerous CBDTPA bill) introducing a “consumer privacy protection” bill. For a Senator so well known for trampling consumer interests in favor of his corporate campaign supporters it seemed like a bit of a turn around. We should have known better. Salon has taken a closer look at this consumer protection bill and determined that the name is a sham. By naming it one thing, Hollings has diverted attention from the fact that the bill actually does the opposite of protecting consumers’ privacy. This bill is designed to legitimize spyware and make marketing companies happy. Wonderful. In related news, Senator Hollings basically told people who don’t like this bill to suck it up and deal with it, or they’d be handed even worse legislation from the states. Apparently, this is the “I’m evil, but I’m the lesser of two evils” argument. Who voted for this guy?

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Comments on “New Privacy Protection Bill Actually The Opposite”

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thecaptain says:

I'm not in the US but...

I’d like to echo Mike’s question…who the hell VOTED for this guy? Geez. His track record is something to see….if you want to induce nausea. I mean C’MON! This is getting to be so blatant even Joe Sixpack should be waking up to it by now. What’s next? Allowing BigCo Inc direct access to your bank account so they can buy FOR you the stuff they say you want?

Timaaay! says:

Re: Who voted for him...

Apparently a bunch of people in South Carolina. Never been but from what I understand, it’s not exactly the tech capital of the world — OTOH, it’s not exactly Hollywood either… Oh, and his Senate site sells flags to be flown over the US capitol!. I think that gives you an insight into the man. There wasn’t an online form for bribing him but I’m sure it’s on it’s way.

Dale Gardner says:


Before proceeding, I should note the ability to purchase flags that have flown above the Capitol is not unique to Senator Hollings. Visit any Senator’s – or Representative’s, I’d assume – web site, and you’ll see a similar form. There are enough people who want these flags to keep a small detachment of soldiers – Marines? – busy night and day raising and lowering flags.

In any event, if you want to do something about this, I’d suggest getting over the history of South Carolina and the judgement – or lack thereof – of that state’s residents. They’ve been sending the guy to the Senate since 1966, so they seem to be happy with him.

Now might be a good time to send off a note to your Senator pointing out some of the problems outlined in these articles. It couldn’t hurt.

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