The End Of The Dot Com Death Spiral?

from the is-it-really-over? dept

Ecommerce Times is suggesting that the free fall of dot coms is over. For a while, they claim, just by having a dot com business, your investors were likely to shut you off – whether or not your business idea made sense. Now, however, the only companies that are shutting down are ones that simply can’t survive. Most of the “big name” dot com failures are gone – and the survivors are beginning to look like real survivors (and not just spiralling failures with enough cash to hang on for a few extra months).

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Comments on “The End Of The Dot Com Death Spiral?”

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sb says:

No Subject Given


I’ve noticed there is a latency b/w the time I submit my insipid comments, and when they get shown on the thread’s page.

I notice you use .shtml (SSI)
Can you share your implementation method?

Do you just update a ‘static’ HTML snippet (per thread) when a comment is submitted?

Or, is it going into a database with some bkground process that rebuilds the .shtml clips?

Just curious…

sb says:

Re: No Subject Given

oh, right,

I think the survivors are not necessarily making money. not by a LONGSHOT. You underestimate the financial magnitude the dotcom bubble truly was.

First, Most dotcoms have cut costs. But, dont forget, these firms were VC’ed with MILLIONS and MILLIONS. If burn rate was 3 million a year, some have enough cash to run for decades w/o making a penny! And never mind if they had IPO’s and secondaries. Some of these scams may last until the next Halley’s comet.

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