Music Traders Buy More

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Well, here’s another study to combat the RIAA’s continued attempt to take away our ability to share music (in fact, they were still trying to take away our rights, today). Jupiter has found out that music sharing makes some people buy more music than otherwise, and some people less. Overall, however, the net results are that the people who buy more music outweigh those who buy less. They point out that it’s complicated, but all the evidence suggests that music sharing online does much more good than harm for the record industry. Why do I get the feeling the RIAA will ignore this report to their own detriment? They’re spending so much time and effort trying to kill off a great opportunity for themselves. It’s amazing.

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Comments on “Music Traders Buy More”

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2Lazy2Register says:


I’m becoming more and more convinced that associations like the RIAA either have in-house lawyers or are paying pretty hefty ‘use it or lose it’ retainers to lawyers. It’s like they are just looking for ways to make sure they get something out of the cost of keeping them around or on retainer.

PS – “Overally”??

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