Multimedia Player With Spyware Deletes Anti-Spyware

from the spy-vs-anti-spy dept

The battle continues. As more and more free software programs include annoying spyware and adware, they’re starting to battle back against the anti-spyware programs designed to stop them. The latest is a multimedia application called RadLight, that includes some spyware applications. On installation of RadLight, not only does it install the spyware programs – it looks for and deletes anti-spyware software that the user may have installed. It’s getting to the point that it’s not worth installing any software any more. I’m still amazed that companies that bundle spyware think that this is a reasonable business model. Business models that consist of pissing off your users generally don’t last very long.

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Comments on “Multimedia Player With Spyware Deletes Anti-Spyware”

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Sprechen says:

Re: I hate EULAs

You shouldn’t have to read an EULA to find out what is being installed. You should be able to select “custom install” and see all the components that are bundled.

Since that’s not the case, I rely on’s user reviews to tell me when something contains spyware.

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