Cell Phone Symphony – Part III

from the it-never-goes-away dept

You would think that with something like this, once would be enough. Last summer we reported about a symphony played by mobile phones called the Spring Cellphony. It was pretty simple, using cell phone ringtones to begin each piece played by a real symphony. It seems that wasn’t enough. At the end of the summer someone else decided to create a full cell phone symphony entitled The Dialtones Telesymphony. This was a full ringtone-enabled symphony that used audience participation – as members had to register their phones and download the proper ringtones. It seems that not everyone (gasp) out there reads Techdirt and knows about these trends, as yet another group has decided to put on their own cell phone symphony (apparently not aware that it’s been done before). This group is calling their (yet to be written) creation the SIM-phone-ya, and the song will be called New Ring cycle. As this trend continues, I would like to state (for the record) that I hope to never hear one of these performed.

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