Always On Broadband More Important Than Speed

from the makes-sense dept

While I know plenty of people who would definitely agree with this statement, it’s the first time I’ve seen it mentioned as a major reason why people sign up for broadband. They’re sick and tired of having to log in and dialup every time they want to use the internet. The always-on nature of a broadband connection is more important to many people than the higher speeds. The higher speeds, of course, are very nice and people would miss them should they go away. However, I think most internet providers don’t realize how much people value an always-on connection.

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Comments on “Always On Broadband More Important Than Speed”

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mgallagher says:


This is a point I’ve been trying to make with a friend of mine in the ISP business for a while. I have AT&T’s broadband service, and it works great. Never goes down, and it tests to be delivering my 1.5 Mbit down/300k up speed almost all of the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love the bandwidth, but if I could get 1/10th of the speed for 1/10th of the price and keep the “always on” part–man I’d be all over it.

And, more importantly, I think a LOT of other people would, too.

Terry Donaghe says:

I think we need a killer app

It’s kind of sad that the main compelling reason to have a broadband connection is the always on feature. That’s pretty lame. I admit that it’s nice, but it seems that in order to get more people onto broadband, someone needs to create a better killer app than EverQuest.

Maybe grid computing will help and we’ll be able to rent our “off” times and use the computing power of others when we’re “on.”

The main problem with broadband is that it’s too damned slow. Give me grid computing applications and 128 MegaBYTES a second and then we’ll have something useful!

Zakk says:

Re: Speed

Sorry dude, it’s not speed, but lag and latency that are the most important points for gamers. Speed comes a distant third.

Here in the UK the cable companies have started selling 128k broadband at just slightly higher than dial up prices. I have the feeling it’s selling well! Always on is the killer feature, no doubt.

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