Those Patents Are Troublesome

from the yup-they-are dept

After just talking about how stupid some patents are (using the example of the patent for swinging), Red Herring is running their own article about just how screwed up the patent system is. Their conclusion is… that it’s pretty screwed up. They point out that lots of people know the system is screwed up, and lots of people have ideas on how to fix it, but none of those are likely to get much of a test for a while now – so, let’s just face facts and say that the patent system is screwed up.

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Comments on “Those Patents Are Troublesome”

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1 Comment
mhh5 says:

and they didn't even..

bring up the fact that the US patent system awards patents according to who can prove they actually invented first as opposed to who filed the invention first, the way the rest of the world does it.

The US patent system is very far from what it started out as. I’m baffled by how companies like Delphion can exist. It just shows how inefficient the govt is… I just hope Google gets ahold of the USPTO’s patent database someday….

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