People Who Shop Online Hate People

from the well,-not-quite... dept

It turns out the reason a large percentage of people shop online is because they don’t want to talk to people. The study shows that around 40% think the “best” thing about online shopping is being able to avoid having to talk to other people. Seems a bit anti-social. The study also found that shopping online saves you time, which is apparently just what the anti-social, stay-at-home type wants. How long until someone turns this into a stat used by the anti-internet crowd explaining that we’re creating a generation of people who hate people?

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Comments on “People Who Shop Online Hate People”

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Lee says:

Hate may not be the correct word

I didn’t take from that article that us on-line shoppers (I do it quite a bit) hate people. For me it is more the convience of shopping on line, avoiding parking hassles and such. Besides if I can save several days a year by shopping on-line that is more time I can spend with people I don’t “hate”.

I still almost all food shopping at the local market (I have ordered gourmet coffee on-line) and almost all of clothing shopping at my haberdasher (hey, it was UK article).

Finally, I have a classic VW van I got in payment for some graphic work I did for cash strapped person. Try buying parts for that a local auto parts, the web has quite a bit to offer classic autos.

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