Venture Capitalists Reciting A Familiar Line

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I’ve already posted a number of articles like this and it’s starting to get silly. It’s yet another venture capitalist saying that now is a great time to start a company. Almost every VC you talk to today will say the same thing. Of course, almost any VC you spoke with 1, 2, 5 or ten years ago would say the same thing – because that’s their job. They’re always going to say now is a great time to start a company, because if you are actually starting a company, they want to make sure they have an opportunity to fund you – if they think they can make gobs of money off of your business (of course). I recently saw a venture capital panel discussion where someone pointed out this “now is always a great time to start a company” phenomenon and one of the VCs said that whoever told people that 1999 was a great time to start a company was lying. However, another VC said what I completely believe: the time to start a company is when the entrepreneur is ready to start a company. If they have a good idea, and are mentally ready – then, yes, of course it’s a good time to start a company. It has nothing to do with the venture funding environment.

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