Was Amazon A One-Trick Pony?

from the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately? dept

Despite surprising most people with a profit last quarter, it seems that people are still suspicious of Amazon.com’s financial position. Some are now suggesting that they did all the cost cutting they could possibly do last quarter, and it’ll be difficult for them to do any more. They also point out that all this cost cutting could (of course) hurt their business. I still think the impossible demands put on Amazon.com are crazy. First they want them to grow at all costs, then immediately, they want profitability at all costs – and now they seem to be saying “okay, you’re profitable, but how come you’re not growing?” It is possible for Amazon to be a profitable and growing company, in my opinion, but not when Wall Street’s short term view demands one or the other every single quarter and gives them no room to move.

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