Welcome To The Dictatorship Of eBay

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eBay has made yet another change that is pissing off users. They’ve put up new rules for their discussion boards that ban an awful lot concerning what people can say on the boards. No one can put up a private email address on the boards, or ask each other where to buy a particular item. The scarier rules include the fact that no one is allowed to discuss fraud, if they think they’re being ripped off by someone. And, if a post is deleted or someone is kicked off of eBay no one is allowed to discuss that post or the person again. It’s like a bad dictatorship where they kill off someone and pretend they never ever existed. eBay says they’re doing it to protect innocent sellers from getting accused, but it certainly looks like they’re just trying to prevent any sort of criticism.

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Comments on “Welcome To The Dictatorship Of eBay”

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James Y. Wilson says:

What about the buyers?

As they feign concern for their sellers, who coincidentally are their primary source of revenue, they should remember the legions of buyers who are also responsible for their success. How ’bout devoting an equal amount of effort to considering more ways to protect the buyer from unscrupulous sellers?

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