Wireless Customers Confused

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About a year and a half ago I switched my Sprint PCS phone plan to some huge amount of minutes that I never go over, and I’m happy with the plan. Every once in a while I see they’re offering a plan with even more minutes for about the same price. But, then I realize that I never go over my minutes, so there’s no reason whatsoever to switch – and I’m sure there are hidden costs. For instance, the time that “night” starts (for free “nights” and weekends) seems to be getting later each month. Night used to start at 7pm. My current plan is at 8pm. If I change the plan it becomes 9pm. Anyway, I’m not alone in trying to figure all this out. It seems that plenty of people confused, misled, and angry about their mobile phone plans. It’s nearly impossible to figure out what’s what, and absolutely impossible to compare one plan with another. What’s worse is the way they mislead you concerning extra charges for when you’re “off-network” and other such things. So far, Sprint PCS has always worked well for me, and the horror stories I’ve heard from other providers makes me unwilling to try to switch. However, the article does mention that if you spend a lot of money (around $70/month or more) the carriers will offer all sorts of deals to make you stay.

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