David Coursey Realizes That Reporters Were Duped

from the well,-look-at-that dept

One of the things we’ve always tried to do with Techdirt was make sure not to fall for the “well this expert said so, so it must be true” trap. Obviously, there are times that we will fall for it as well – but I like to think that we’ve been pretty good at pointing out some rather stupid utterances when we’ve heard them. Now, David Coursey is suddenly admitting that most reporters never looked critically at what various stock analysts said about stocks – and in fact did the opposite. They held them up as if they were prophets who really knew what was happening – as opposed to people with jobs who needed to make their bosses happy. It would be nice if more reporters started to think critically. Of course, it would have been a lot nicer if they did it when it mattered – and pointed out these things years ago. The only news organization I can think of that regularly thinks critically about most things in the tech industry is The Register. It would be nice to see some other news organization follow their example.

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