California Doesn't Support Ecommerce

from the oops dept

A new study looking at the laws in various states concerning ecommerce suggests that California is a really bad state to be in for ecommerce. We ranked 48th out of 50. The only thing that it’s better to be in California for, apparently, was purchasing wine over the internet. For plenty of other things California laws limit consumer options and consumer choices. The best place to be is Oregon. Of course, how they determined all this can certainly be questioned. Basically, if there was any regulation it was considered “bad”. Some might suggest that regulation is designed to make things better – so that while you might have fewer choices, at least you’re less likely to be robbed blind by those choices.

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Comments on “California Doesn't Support Ecommerce”

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Jonathan Grant says:

anti-ecommerce laws..

..i work for a 4.5mil/year eCommerce business. we also have stores around the country, including CA. you should see the table in our database that contains the tax info for Cali – it’s insane. if that’s a sample of the kind of net-commerce-freindly laws they have there, i can imagine how they could be classified as a “bad” state to vend online from.


Tom (user link) says:

Since when does regulation

Have you tuned into the PBS special about the global economy?
I don’t think anyone serious about economics would think regulation HELPS the marketplace. Certainly setting the rules is called for (I think that’s what you mean by making things fair), but let’s face it, competition in the long run benefits the consumer, but it “ain’t necessarily purty”!

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