Music Industry Blaming File Sharing For Their Own Woes Again

from the silly-record-execs dept

Well, it’s no surprise, but the music industry is twisting its numbers again to suggest that all those evil file traders are taking money out of their pockets. I love how they automatically blame file trading for their own problems. The article quotes an analyst who suggests that the music industry should calm down and realize this is just a cyclical thing. On a related note, here’s a great article talking with Mark Cuban (the guy who founded about his opinions on the music industry. He mentions that he tried to buy Napster, and that he would have moved it offshore to protect it from the music industry. Then he goes on to refute the music industry’s numbers – saying that the reason sales are down is because they released less music while raising the prices (not to mention a few major distributors going out of business, and the industry as a whole spending less money on marketing). But, the music industry doesn’t want to talk about that. They want to waste their money on pointless lawsuits shutting down Napster and Morpheus.

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