Has The Internet Sold Its Soul?

from the does-it-really-matter? dept

The Economist has an article about how the internet has sold its soul to commercialism, thanks to all these annoying pop up ads, subscription services, paid search listings and other such things. Of course, many people would suggest that the internet sold its soul many years ago when banner ads first started showing up. They mention that most of these things tend to anger consumers and that angry consumers aren’t in anyone’s interest. They then go with the typical refrain from struggling online sites: “we have no other choice”. I wish the Economist pushed on that one. They do have another choice – it’s called finding a real business model. Anyway, they also mention that Orbitz “claims” that their pop under ads should only show up once per day for people. Considering that I’ve seen at least 4 Orbitz pop ups this morning alone, I think that whatever they’re doing isn’t working.

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