The Internet Blamed For Marriage Breakups

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You can prove whatever you want with studies. The latest is a study in the UK saying that about 10% of people surveyed say that the internet plays a role in whatever marriage problems they’re having. Spouses suggest that they have become “internet widows” as their married partner spends too much time online. They also talk about the “threats” of porn and “rekindling old flames” online. I think that people are passing the blame off on the internet – instead of looking at the real root causes of problems in their relationships.

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Comments on “The Internet Blamed For Marriage Breakups”

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James Gerpeople says:

Marriage Breakups On The Internet

I think there should be a study by AOL on the amount of breakups that that online service provider has helped facilitate. I’ve been a user on there for many years and I can’t tell you how many times I have been approached by married women just to chat. My friend has had flings with about twenty different married women through AOL and thats not counting make out sessions. It seems to me that IMing and online correspendence helps build this image in someone’s mine that there is more in the words that are written than what is actually being said.

Jenette says:

No Subject Given

Yes, sometimes there are other issues in peoples marriages… but having a marriage breakup myself, due to my husband getting on line and having full on sexual conversations with others and using web cams forall but one reason is THE REASON I left him. Other issues were nothing in comaprison, so maybe people who think the net isn;t the real issue… get your own spouse/partner to do it on line and not with you ans see if thats god enough for you!

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