Texting Improves Your Sex Life?

from the the-numbers-say-so dept

Ah, more studies. A new study in the UK shows how people there use SMS text messaging – and apparently, they’re quite addicted to it. They found a number of people who said they would give up chocolate or TV in order to keep text messaging (a completely useless stat, if you ask me). The study also found that 75% use text messaging to flirt, with 25% saying it made them feel “more confident and witty”. 50% use it at some point or another to “talk dirty” (one assumes with a significant other of some sort) – while a third have asked someone out via text. Another 13% have ditched someone that way. Of course, the study was done by “The Dating Channel”, so the results might not be a fair representation of what people use text messaging for. I also have to take issue with the title of the article, since it’s not clear that text messaging actually does anything to improve your sex life.

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