Pay To Play Tetris On Your TV In the UK

from the but-why? dept

The Register has an article about how digital TV subscribers in the UK will soon be able to pay to play tetris on their television sets. It’s unclear, as the Register correctly points out, exactly what the attraction is. The company says that the “addictive nature” of the game makes it perfect for such a thing. Of course, the addictive nature of the game might also keep people away as they don’t want to spend all their money playing Tetris on their TV when they can go play it for free on their computer.

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Comments on “Pay To Play Tetris On Your TV In the UK”

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Ryan Bethencourt says:

Nice try but no UK cigar!

As you guys know I’m out here in the UK and from what I can see these guys seem to be in a no win situation (especially for a pay per play tetris). Digital TV is great…. for tv and digital content but not for games. Thats also the same view of the majority of the people that I’ve talked to here in the UK about it.

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