Gateway Starts Ad Campaign Supporting Digital Music

from the the-battle-begins dept

Gateway is putting out new ads that show they are against the CBDTPA bill that would force Gateway (and all other technology manufacturers) to put anti-copying technology in their products. Of course, I’m not sure the ad does enough of a job to get the point accross. It just shows Ted Waitt listening to music on a CD he made and then says that “Gateway supports your right to enjoy digital music legally.” It might have more of an impact if they said even more. Perhaps along the lines of “The government and the entertainment industry are trying to take away your rights to listen to your own music.”

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Comments on “Gateway Starts Ad Campaign Supporting Digital Music”

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1 Comment
The Misanthrope (user link) says:

The Cow's (or Bull's) Balls

Gateway may have a big enough pair to take on Hollywood and Washington, but not so when it comes to Redmond. This letter I sent to them didn’t even get the courtesy of a response from a Kana-bot:

Greetings Cow People Who Claim They Will Build One For Me

We’ll see.

Quick and dirty Will Gateway sell me a PC without an MS operating system (or MS-anything) on it? I am willing to accept full responsibility for all software purchasing, configuration, and support. You provide only the hardware (and support of same).

I didn’t see any Linux systems out there, but I’d prefer to purchase and install the OS and apps myself anyway.

Thanks for your response,


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