Selling Your Emotional IQ

from the this-sounds-like-a-business-model-from-1999 dept

Remember all those dot coms that were going to make all sorts of money selling your info? They’ve pretty much all gone out of business. It appears that some guy in Australia was asleep through all of that, as he’s started a company that offers an “emotional IQ” test – which can only be taken after you register with your demographic info. The company then (of course) plans to take all the info they collect on you and sell it to marketers. They’re very excited about this. However, they’re apparently so excited that they forgot to mention on the site that your data is going to go on the auction block. The reporter asks the guy behind the site if maybe it would be more honest to tell users that, and said the guy paused as if the idea had never occured to him before responding: “You know, maybe we should say that. I’ll call my Web guy.”

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