Copying Machines For CDs

from the take-that-RIAA dept

Joe Schmoe writes “New machines installed in Adelaide convenience stores make the illegal copying of the latest CDs and computer software ? which costs artists and software designers millions of dollars ? as easy as buying a loaf of bread… While I find it amusing that the seemingly impatial reporter shows an obvious bias by saying that this costs artists and software designers “millions of dollars”, it is an interesting story. The company that makes these machines that make it easy to copy any CD claim they’re operating under the same principle as photocopier machines. It actually makes sense. What if you do have data on a CD-ROM that you want to copy and don’t have your own burner? It would be nice to have a publicly available CD-ROM copying machine. The liability is with the person doing the copying – not the machines. Of course, I doubt a court will agree to this view – so I imagine such machines will quickly be banned.

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