AOL Wins Case Against Spammer

from the maybe-laws-will-help... dept

Following up on the post about spam legislation below, here’s a story about AOL winning a civil lawsuit against a spammer. Of course, all the court cases you read about concerning spammers are ones where they seem to catch larger companies. I don’t know about most people, but almost all of the spam I get seems to be from individuals who are not at all easily trackable. Until we figure out a way to track down and punish those guys, the spam will just keep coming. No matter how many big spammers get hit up with fines, I don’t think it will be seen as disincentive for the one man shop pushing two hundred different pyramid schemes.

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Comments on “AOL Wins Case Against Spammer”

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1 Comment
Lea McAn.... says:

Easy to target spammers

Where you say it would be difficult to get the little guys, why not use the info within the spammail? They will have addresses and phone numbers and if they’re promoting a generic product, go to that producer. Rather than try to make sense of the header, go for what you have.

Frankly, I’m tired of “Just Deleting” spam. I do more than delete, I Alt+M return return on all spammail. It works to a point, but it takes what I consider to be my valuable time. I bill my clients $1 – $1.50/ minute. If I spend 10 minutes a day, average 30 days a month, that’s $300 per month of my time wasted dealing with spammail. That may seem like chump change to politicians, but I feel it’s disrespectful to presume we can “just deal.”

We can refuse junk snail mail, why not email?


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