Improving Karaoke

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As the headline of this article says, this a “truly unfortunate development”. Some folks have worked out a technology for karaoke players that will make them automatically adjust the tempo and pitch of the music to the perculariar tone-deaf qualities of whoever might be singing at the time. Eventually, the creators of this technology say they might be able to adjust the singer’s voice so it won’t be so out of tune any more. It’s good to see these important, world-changing, projects are getting so much attention these days.

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Comments on “Improving Karaoke”

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Duffman says:

I've heard of this before

I toured a company out in Victoria, BC, Canada a couple of years ago (I can’t remember the name for the life of me now), but they were doing this. They guy actually demonstrated it for us. They even had options that altered the tone of your voice so that you could sound like other people – Elvis, for example. It was really cool.

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