The Web Is No Longer Fun

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A couple of years ago, we had a story about how Jim Cramer thought the web wasn’t fun anymore. I disagreed with him at the time, and thought he was just complaining because the web wasn’t making him rich anymore. Now, the NY Times is running another article talking to some web “old timers” who say there simply are fewer fun sites out there to make surfing the web exciting, like it used to be. Again, I think these people are crazy. I think they’re just complaining because they couldn’t keep up. If you read sites like Memepool or Metafilter, (or just read a random selection of blogs any day) you would know that there are plenty of crazy, wacky, and just plain fun websites out there. Just because some old timers got tired of it, doesn’t mean it’s not still fun for the rest of us. I’ve been on the web as long as they have, and I’m still having just as much fun.

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Comments on “The Web Is No Longer Fun”

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u2604ab says:

memepool, metafilter, fark, sensibleerection, etc.

These blogs do an incredibly good job of distilling the weird/amusing/fun stuff from the vast world wide web.

In the good old days of gopher and anonymous ftp (before this whole overhyped graphical interface thing) it was fun to find obscure weird/fun stuff that nobody had ever heard of and tell your friends about it / e-mail it to the select few that had heard of e-mail.

Now everyone that digs offbeat stuff stuff just reads memepool and fark. When you say, “have you seen that european Lee commercial with the talking butts?” everyone who might dig such a thing just says, “yup. saw it on memepool.”

See…? There’s just not as much joy in finding strange things anymore.

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