The American Techniban

from the scary-stuff dept

The latest in our series on just how much the new CBDTPA bill sucks, is this article that refers to the short sighted folks in Hollywood as being the American Techniban – as they are a bunch of hardliner fundamentalists, who rely on backroom deals among the already powerful to get things done, and are against technology advancements, while doing everything possible to hold back the sharing of information among their “citizens”. The article also points out that both the CBDTPA and the DMCA don’t criminalize criminal acts (which are already illegal) – but rather they make things illegal because of what someone might do. I have to admit, though, that I haven’t seen this much anger from the tech community in quite a while. Maybe it will get through some of the thick skulls in Congress just how horrible this bill would be, should it become a law.

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