Wireless Web Is More Trouble Than Its Worth

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Okay, I’ll admit that Starbucks and Mobilestar have done a terrible job promoting the fact that many Starbucks now offer high speed wireless access. The same goes for hotels that offer it (as I was just talking about). But, I don’t think that’s any reason to trash the whole concept. I’ve actually had quite a lot of success using Starbucks/Mobilestar locations as “mobile offices” when I’ve needed to. Admittedly, most of these places that offer wifi access don’t have too much info about what they offer, but it really hasn’t been that difficult to figure out. I will agree that the prices are way to high – but hopefully competition will clear that out. Already, it looks like the new Joltage offering is cheaper than competitors – which should help to drive down fees elsewhere. But, to trash the whole wireless web concept is backwards. The problem is that not enough people know it’s out there, and not enough hotels/cafes/whatever know that it’s a valuable service worth offering. Saying that it’s more trouble than it’s worth won’t encourage adoption – it will only slow it down. These problems should get worked out as more people start using/demanding the service.

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Comments on “Wireless Web Is More Trouble Than Its Worth”

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u2604ab says:

No Subject Given

The dude’s major complaint is that service is spotty, and they expect you to pay dearly for it. I’d agree. I still find it delightful, though, when I can while away an hour or two of airport layover by sufing using mobilestar (they seem to have decent coverage in DFW).

This seems like a space where it really would be useful for wi-fi providers in airports, coffeeshops, and hotels to offer free service until people get hooked, and then start charging. Too bad free stuff isn’t en vogue like it was two years ago…

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