The Dot Com Boom Is Gone, But Damn Was It Fun

from the reminiscing dept

Forbes has an article pointing out that while we all knew there was a dot com bubble going on, and while there were plenty of downsides (lots of traffic, crazy housing prices, 20 year old kids thinking they were brilliant for being in the right place at the right time), it certainly was fun while it lasted. He’s got a point. Even as someone who spent a lot of the bubble period trying to poke holes in it, it was fun. Of course, I’m still having fun, but I can see that not everyone else is. The party atmosphere has gone away. Of course, that means real business might finally get done – and I think (in the long run) that’s a much better idea.

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Comments on “The Dot Com Boom Is Gone, But Damn Was It Fun”

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u2604ab says:

party atmosphere

San Francisco magazine’s cover story this month covers the boom&bust from 1995->2002 as a narrative told by those that lived it.

Parapharsing my favorite quote from the article — regarding the party atmosphere surrounding the boom:

‘I haven’t slept for three days, I’m falling asleep at my desk, but sure I’ll go to the party tonight!’

sb says:

Re: party atmosphere

> But I suspect the fun will be elsewhere, in Buffalo or Belgrade–someplace where the dot-bomb didn’t leave a lot of psychic wreckage lying ar

Well, with the stock market wired to the whole world, i dont think ANY place escaped the carnage. By the same token, every place partook in the party. People in Buffallo were also buying new SUV’s, adding additions to their homes, and vacationing down in the gulf of mexico all baseed on proceeds of the stock market bonanza.

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