Plenty Of Startups Left To Fail

from the carnage-isn't-over-yet dept

It seems that two new studies show that there are still plenty of tech startups out there likely to fail in the near future. One study shows that there are a lot of startups who are still cruising along who raised money before the bubble completely deflated – who are gearing up to try to raise more money. Seems like a daunting prospect these days. Of course, at any point in time, you should expect the majority of startups to fail – so I don’t see why this is that big of a deal. The other study shows that successful startups have the help of venture capitalists who nurture them along – but these days the venture capitalists have put so much money into so many companies that there’s no time for nurturing. So, all the companies are failing. Seems like quite the oversimplification, but it’s what the study says.

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