More On Why The CBDTPA Sucks

from the choking-off-our-tech-industry dept

Yesterday we mentioned the fact that Senator “Disney Pays My Bills” Hollings had finally introduced the awful CBDTPA bill. It’s (not surprisingly) being talked about everywhere, but Wired has a good article explaining why the bill would cause tremendous harm to the US tech world. Basically, even if you’re creating free software and you didn’t care if people copied it, you would have to build in copy protection. Actually, now I’m realizing that Cringely’s plan that we spoke about earlier today might be a criminal act if the CBDTPA passes. Here’s someone who wants people to copy his program – and we might not be able to.

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Comments on “More On Why The CBDTPA Sucks”

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vail says:

No Subject Given

I think the real problem here is that the American public pays so little attention to what is going on in out own country and around the world. If the public did pay attention legislation such as this would never be proposed, but as it stands the bill may or may not pass. In the event it does if will force us all to behave like criminals and some of us will realize who is to blame for this state of affairs. However, most od us will go on being criminal and complaining without taking the time to realize that it was someone who some of us voted for that created this situation. In general it is amazing to me how ignorant people are about what is going on in the world around them. Perhaps that comment is off topic and can be applied to any number of situations, but I stand by my opinion.

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