More Stupid Legislation

from the son-of-DMCA dept

Ugh. I had hoped that maybe the SSSCA would never see the light of day, but Senator “Disney” Hollings won’t be stopped. While the new bill has changed its name to the Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Act, it’s still the same old thing. It’s as if the bill has been written by the entertainment industry to make sure that all of our fair use rights now become criminal acts. The entertainment industry has gotten used to calling all of its customers criminals – and this law may make that even more true. If anything, this bill (if passed) would basically harm the technology industry greatly – by forcing them to work with a technology they don’t want to deal with – without doing very much to stop real piracy. Someone really ought to buy Senator Hollings a clue. There’s also the obligatory quote from Hilary Rosen saying that this is obviously the best thing for the consumer. How’s that? By taking away our fair use rights? Yeah, that’s wonderful. Just what we wanted.

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