You're Not A Freak If You Meet A Love Interest Online

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I’ve gone through this debate with a number of friends, and I’m still not a fan of the concept of online dating. No matter what people say, I still know that people seem extremely different online and off. The friends that I’ve met originally through online channels and then eventually met offline have all turned out to be quite different than expected. However, a new study is saying that the opposite may be true. People who meet online may find it easier to fall in love according to this study – since they’re more willing to open up and express themselves online. When they finally meet in person they know each other so well, that it’s easy to build a romantic relationship out of it. Of course, they also have to deal with the fact that people do lie when they talk about themselves online, but the study found that the “lying” factor wasn’t that big of a deal – since most people simply tell small white lies that are easily forgiven. I think the study is a little bit useless. I mean, I’m sure it’s no surprise that some people can meet and fall in love online. However, I would be more interested in finding out how many people realized that the offline version of their love interest was completely different than the online version – and how they dealt with it. People I know who have met others online tend to “fill in the blanks” about the people they talk to concerning any factor that wasn’t covered in any online discussion – and tend to fill it in with the best possibly results. That leads to people getting their hopes up, and finding themselves disappointed when they eventually meet.

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Comments on “You're Not A Freak If You Meet A Love Interest Online”

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Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

I bet it is easier to fall in love off line as opposed to on line. You only get one shot talking. Writing gives you a chance to stop and consider your words. You can refine your words until they’re perfect. You are also left to your imagination of what this person looks like. You typically don’t imagine large teeth, irritating voice/laugh or scars. Once you meet, the fantasy is now over. You find out the person doesn’t look the way you imagined (regardless of whether or not they are attractive). Suddenly that persons words mean a lot less.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

I met most of the women that I dated as well as my wife (we’ve been married almost 6 years) online. In college my self-confidence was pretty damned low, but being on line pretty much erased that shortcoming.

I was more willing to take chances and I dated some pretty unattractive women, but in paying that price I did manage to date and have fun with a few very attractive girls, including my wife.

For those of us poor introverted losers, the internet was and is a godsend. I knew once I started talking to girls online that I’d never have to worry about being lonely or not having a date.

Diff’rent strokes…

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