A Mythic Perspective Of Commodification On The Web

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Okay, so I’ve read the following article twice, and I think I sort of get some of it. However, I’m not sure I understand the conclusions and I have a ton of questions about it. It’s a very academic paper looking at (I think) how the web may have undergone some commodification (basically turning concepts into goods that can be sold). The writer has chosen to look at it from the perspective of myths – and I still can’t figure out exactly why. I’m open to someone who has a better grasp of what’s being said here to help enlighten me. I think some of the ideas expressed in the article are certainly interesting (in terms of how the web has moved towards this more “corporate” world and whether or not it means that media will only focus on more mainstream publications…), but aren’t developed fully. It does seem to fit with the article posted below this one in that they discuss some of the same ideas. However, while I found that one too obvious, this one is a bit too obscure.

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Comments on “A Mythic Perspective Of Commodification On The Web”

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1 Comment
David (user link) says:

Very poor...

That’s a very poor example of what can be a very woolly subject (media or communications studies) applying itself to a very tenuous subject matter (the internet). Any academic paper where 90% of the paragraphs start “As [author name] said, ‘quote blah blah’…” isn’t worth reading, as it has little or nothing original in it. And an analysis based on three articles in different issues of Wired? Hardly an enormous sample, is it?

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