eBay Hacker Case Gets Even Crazier

from the insanity-defense-definitely-seems-worthwhile dept

Whoa. We’ve been posting stories about the alleged eBay hacker which have been quite odd. This is the guy who first fired his lawyer and asked to be sent back to jail. He then later (for no clear reason) suddenly rehired the lawyer which everyone had been telling him he should do, but which he ignored. Anyway, he has now apparently fired his lawyer again and proceeded to act like a smug annoying teenager in court. I have no idea if he’s guilty or not of what he’s accused of, but he’s certainly not helping his case acting the way he is. First he complained that the indictment against him was no good becuase it spelled his last name in all capital letters. Then he demanded to take the stand and testify, despite this just being a hearing to set the date of the trial. Next, he announced that he wanted to “subpoena the United States”, since that’s the plaintiff in the case. Finally, he (as he was being dragged from the court) told the judge that he was going to hold the judge “personally liable” for each hour he spends in jail. I’m really not sure what to make of the kid, but it’s generally not the smartest move to act like a smug, spoiled little brat who thinks he’s smarter than everyone else when you’re on trial.

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